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about the owner

Lawrence Sawyer is the CEO of On Time Every Time Logistics. Lawrence began his journey to entrepreneurship with a mindset of ownership from the age of 12 as young man from Chattanooga, TN.

Lawrence graduated from Hixon High School where he was a prominent student and basketball player. He had a dedicated work ethic on the court that carried over into his personal life. Everything that he puts his mind to, he works hard at doing his best.

In 1993, Lawrence decided to move to Las Vegas, Nevada for a better opportunity at success. Lawrence began working for Fed Express Courier Service (FedEx). He had finally found his niche doing a job which he loved tremendously. 

Lawrence would always provide feedback to management on ways to improve the quality of service and productivity for Fedex. He’s received numerous compliments from several businesses and provides excellent customer service. He has received the Purple Promise Reward on three occasions, the Safe Driving Award four times, and he was also selected by the Corporate Office for Strategic Meetings in which he provided feedback on making the company a better place to work.

Lawrence was a highly respected role model within the company. After 6 years of successfully contributing to Fedex, he decided to launch his own courier business.

On Time Every Time Courier Service provides our local businesses with timely and excellent customer care services. An array of courier services are provided such as same day, 24-hour and after hour services. On Time Every Time is looking forward to serving you. You can reach us at info@Ontimeeverytime.biz or (702) 703.0130.